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Mug Club

For years, guests have been in awe of the beautiful mugs that are showcased on our taproom walls! Now you too can be part of the 3 Keys Brewing Mug Club and enjoy all the exclusive benefits! And have a really cool mug hanging on the wall for all to see.

The 3 Keys Mug Club is a monthly subscription based club. No contracts, no sign up fees, no funny business! You choose the level you want and reap the rewards.

Every 3 months, we will have a "Custom Mug" sign up night. At this event, you will work with a local potter to design the mug of your desire. The cost of the mug depends on the design and is paid to the potter. We are limited to 20 custom mugs per sign up and active Mug Club members will receive priority at the sign up event.

Not to worry, while you are waiting for your custom mug (or if you choose not to get a custom mug), you are free to use our 3 Keys Brewing Mug Club 20 oz. beer mugs.

Be part of the 3 Keys Brewing Mug Club, details below!

Please note, each person who would like to participate in the Mug Club is required to have their own Mug Club membership. You will need to complete the sign up process for each person.


These are the benefits you receive when you subscribe to the 3 Keys Brewing Mug Club:

- 20 oz. pours for 16 oz. price -  $24 value
- 2 FREE mug fills (T1 or T2) - $12 value
- Mug fills count towards Pint Punch Card - $6.000 value
- Monthly BOGO appreciation night -  $12.00 value
- Special release Thursday - first taste of what's tapped for Friday
- Special invites to exclusive events
- Early access to limited releases (bottle and sours)
- Top 10 Muggers get placed on shelf behind bar in bright lights (Coming Soon!)

Monthly value of over $56!

Charges will be applied the last day of the calendar month. FREE pours will be credited on the 1st of every month. FREE pours do not carry over month to month. 

Sign Up Here!
3 Keys Front Door

Beginning February 1st, 2021, existing Mug Club members who signed up between 2016 and June 2020 will need to be enrolled in an active monthly Mug Club subscription to continue enjoying the benefits of the Mug Club. 

Existing Mug Club members or Mug Club members who do not have an active monthly Mug Club subscription will be allowed to use their mug however, mugs will only be filled at the normal 16oz. pint level.

20oz. pours, BOGO offers and other perks are benefits of an active monthly Mug Club subscription.

Please see the Mug Club FAQs at the button below.

FAQs Here