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3 Keys Loyalty Program

The Basics

Earn 1 Point for Every $1 Spent

Earn Points & Receive Rewards

*The Loyalty Program and the Mug Club are two different things. However, if you are in the Mug Club, you will be able to see your rewards within your Loyalty Program account. Please see the FAQs for more information and examples. 

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How You Earn Points/Connect to a Check

When  you dine in, our team member will ask for your phone number and your account is automatically connected to your tab. Online ordering works the same way! The check is automatically connected to your account as long as you use the same phone number.

If you forget to connect your tab, ask your server/bartender for a copy of your check,  log into your 3 Keys Brewing Loyalty Program account,  click on "Loyalty" and then "Connect Check", enter your check number (found at the top left corner of your check). Your check is now connected!

*Note points earned on the current visit will not appear in 

your balance until check is closed out, and may take a few hours*

How to Redeem Rewards

When your 3 Keys Brewing Loyalty Program account is connect to your tab or check, your rewards will automatically appear for redemption. Your available rewards will appear in your 3 Keys Brewing Loyalty Program account. Once you have the reward item on your current check, the reward redemption will be available. Don't worry, our team will help answer any questions!

Terms & Conditions

- Must be 18 years or older to join

- Points ARE Earned On:

Food and Beverage Purchases Only

Points are NOT Earned On:

- Tax or Gratuity

- On large group events/contracted functions

- On gift card purchases

Points are intended for individual purposes only.

Rewards CANNOT be redeemed for:

- Cash or Used to Pay Gratuity.

- On Large Group Events/Contracted Functions.

Loyalty members must agree to accept communication from 3 Keys Brewing via e-mail.

3 Keys Brewing reserves the right to change or discontinue the

3 Keys Brewing Loyalty Program at any time.

Only ONE redemption/reward allowed per customer per day.


Close out/log out of your account and log back in

Ask a staff member for assistance

Click the help button in the loyalty app


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