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Mug Club FAQs

1. Is there a sign-up fee or contract?

No, there is no sign up fee, no contract and you can cancel anytime. You only pay for the month(s) you want to be enrolled into the Mug Club. When signing up, you have the option to choose automatic recurring monthly subscription or you can choose the number of months you would like to sign up for.

2. I am an existing mug club member, do I have to sign up for the new mug club?

Yes. Beginning February 1, 2021 all guest using a custom mug or a 3 Keys mug will be required to have an active monthly Mug Club membership to enjoy the benefits. If you are an existing Mug Club member with a custom mug and do not have an active Mug Club membership, we will fill your mug to 16oz instead of 20oz and you will not qualify for the other benefits of the Mug Club including the BOGO offers. You are still able to hang your mug on the wall without an active Mug Club membership.

3. What if I am a seasonal Mug Club member?

No problem! Only pay for the months you will be in town for and enjoy the benefits when you can. Feel free to leave your mug hanging on the wall. You will need to cancel your membership when you are not in town. You have the ability to join and cancel at any time. Remember, Mug Club starts on the 1st of each month. Again, when signing up, you can just choose the number of months you will be in the area for. Please see #6 below as well.

4. I have a mug at home, can I use that?

No. Only “Custom Mugs” made by the potter commissioned at a 3 Keys sign up event or the 3 Keys Brewing Mug Club mugs can be used.

5. Can I take my mug home?

If you are an active member of the Mug Club, the mug must stay at 3 Keys Brewing. If you are not an active Mug Club member, you are able to take your custom mug home until you decide to become an active member again.

6. I signed up in the middle of the month, do I get to start the Mug Club right away?

No. The Mug Club is a month to month subscription program. The Mug Club benefits begin on the 1st of each month. For example, if you sign up on October 17th, you will not be billed until October 30th and the rewards associated with the tier of Mug Club you are signed up for will appear in your account on November 1st.

7. How can I get a custom mug?

Unfortunately, currently we are limited to 20 custom mugs every 3 months. We will hold sign up events where you will be able to meet with the potter and commission your mug. Active Mug Club members will take priority over non active guests when it comes to sign up selection. We will hold a lottery the night of the sign up event to determine what Mug Club members get to have a custom mug made. We do have 3 Keys Brewing Mug Club mugs that are free to use while you wait to have a custom mug made or for always if you decide you do not want a custom mug. The custom mug is a separate cost and that is determined between you and the potter. 

8. Can I use my friend’s or spouse’s custom mug?


9. Do rewards carry over to the next month or expire?

Mug Club rewards expire at the end of the month and are not carried over to the next month.

10. What is the difference between the 3 Keys Brewing Reward Program and the 3 Keys Brewing Mug Club?

The 3 Keys Brewing Reward Program is a free program that lets you earn points for every dollar you spend at 3 Keys. Your points are then converted into rewards for you to use. Learn more about he Reward Program HERE.

The 3 Keys Brewing Mug Club is a monthly subscription program that allows you to take advantage of Mug Club benefits including getting 20 oz. pours for the 16 oz. price and much more.

11. If I have additional questions, who can I ask?

Please feel free to click on the “Help” tab within your 3 Keys Brewing app or email us at

For additional information on the Mug Club or to read the terms and conditions, please click HERE.