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Thanks for the Memories!

We are delighted to announce that we have sold 3 Keys Brewing Company to Gabe and Tina Schmitz. While we’ll miss the brewery and it’s people, we are excited about the new possibilities for 3 Keys Brewing.

Four years ago Cathy, Scott and myself started our dream to build our little community brewpub. We’d never owned a brewery or a restaurant, but Scott made awesome beer, we had some restaurant experience and we weren’t afraid of hard work. After finding a great location in east Bradenton, we set to work renovating and building our quirky little place. We received a lot of love from the community when we finally opened and quickly became a favorite local hangout serving locally sourced food, handcrafted beer & cider and great times.

As a business, things are going fantastic. We recently completed our third expansion of the brewery and we will soon be distributing beer and cider to nearby restaurants and bars. We have very little employee turnover and most of our awesome employees have been with us for a number of years. Locals and snowbirds continue to drink our awesome beer & cider, eat our yummy food and have a great time with us! We always said we’d gauge our success, not monetarily, but on how much people loved our brewery and brought in their friends.

However, now is the time that we hand over the care and nurturing of 3 Keys to another family. There are a couple of main reasons why we sold the brewery:

  • We have 3 grown and 3 adopted children, one with cerebral palsy and one with cystic fibrosis. Over the last couple of years, their issues have become much more acute. They need more of Cathy’s time for doctor’s appointments, therapies, hospital stays, specialized learning, etc. then she can afford them. She’s spread too thin with the brewery and it’s not fair to our children.
  • We started the brewery with our eldest son as a family business. Scott would brew the beer, Cathy would run the restaurant and I would help out when my full-time job allowed, mostly nights and weekends. The goal was for Cathy and myself to help Scott start the business and then gradually walk away leaving it to him. Unfortunately, Scott left the company a year after we opened which was painful for both our business and our family.

Successful breweries, and especially brewpubs, are a hot commodity. We’ve been approached by other breweries, restaurant chains and individuals to purchase the business. However, being a family business, we really wanted another family to buy the brewery and love it as much as we do. When we met Gabe and Tina, we knew it was a good fit. They are super nice (Gabe’s from Michigan so of course he’s awesome) and their family has a long history in the restaurant industry. They have some great plans for the brewery and we hope you’ll love them as much as you did us.

3 Keys is successful because of people. Not Cathy and myself, but the kitchen staff that works hard every day to prepare and serve delicious dishes; our brewers that lovingly craft beer and cider; and our food runners and bartenders that always welcome you with a smile. But mostly because of you. You come in on a regular basis, bring your friends, celebrate birthdays and weddings and strike up conversations with people at the table next to you. You make 3 Keys what it is and we thank you for it.

We are going to miss our employees, our customers and all of the friends we’ve made at the brewery over the years. We look forward to sharing a beer with you on the other side of the bar.

Thanks for the memories.

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