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Batch #27 Hoppy Amber

Amber Ale

This amber balances caramel notes with floral hop flavors for a delicious beer. ABV 5.0% | IBU 40

Kolsch Me Ousside


With a mild maltiness and a light, brisk, flavor, this Kolsch is perfect for a hot day in Florida. Howbow dat! ABV 5.2% | IBU 26

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Knackered ESB

Extra Special Bitter

This ESB is has a delicate balance between the English hops and the Maris Otter malt. Smooth and drinkable. ABV 6.2% | IBU 32

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What Mama Says Gose


Flavors comparable to strawberry margarita. Salty and fruity taste with a sour kick. ABV 5.1% | IBU 8

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Trust Issues Brown

Oatmeal Raisin Brown

This brown ale is brewed with biscuit malt, loads of flaked oats, cinnamon & raisins giving it a slight hoppy finish. ABV 5.9% | IBU 34

Double Nickel Stout

American Stout

This is a medium bodied stout with chocolate and roasty flavors. “He was a wise man who invented beer.” – Plato ABV 6.7% | IBU 45

Sir Mixon-A-Lot

Orange Cream Ale

Using fresh oranges from Mixon Farms down the road, this cream ale has flavors reminiscent of an orange creamsicle. ABV 5.6% | IBU 18

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Billy Fred Session IPA

American IPA

“I’ve been drinking the wrong beer for 92 years!” -WWII Vet Billy Fred Marcus ABV 4.7% | IBU 55

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Pizza Dreams and Time Machines

American Pale Ale

This Pale Ale showcases the Citra hop. Expect loads of grapefruit and pineapple notes. ABV 5.8% | IBU 31

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American IPA

From slow sparges to clogged pumps, this beer fought us from the start. It’s hoppy, it’s delicious, it’s one SOB of a beer. ABV 7.0% | IBU 73

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Tis The Saison

Dry Saison

Brewed with Orange Blossom Honey, it has sweet orange peel flavors, hints of spice, and a complex, dry finish. ABV 6.8% | IBU 32

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American Lager

“If this was an animal it would be a golden retriever. It just wants to love me” -Some Guy Named Steve on Untapped ABV 5.5% | IBU 13

M.I.A. Brewing, Miami, FL

Sara’s (Not) Blonde

Blonde Ale

3 kinds of hops and fermented with an English yeast. Results in a light, malty beer with fruity notes and a hint of esters. ABV 5.2% | IBU 18

Training Wheels

American Pale Ale

This is a Pale Ale for people who don’t like Pale Ales. This beer is light and crisp with a moderate bitterness. ABV 5.1% | IBU 37

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Brown Noser

Brown Ale

A classic English Brown recipe with a few American ingredients thrown in. Caramel and bread notes with a slight hop finish. ABV 5.4% | IBU 20

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Pineapple Cider


Our Pineapple cider is an ideal drink for tropical hot and humid climates. ABV 5% | IBU 0

Ace Craft Cider, Sebastopol, CA

Porter? I Hardly Know Her


This is a malty porter with a hint of roasty-ness. Brewed with English hops and fermented with a traditional English yeast. ABV 5.8% | IBU 30

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Brew Free! Or Die IPA

American IPA

This aromatic golden IPA starts with three different hops to the nose, quickly balanced by a solid malt backbone supporting the firm bitterness. ABV 7.0% | IBU 70

21st Amendment Brewery, SF, CA

Rollcage Red

Red Ale

Deftly balancing Maris Otter malt, 60L Caramel and a hint of chocolate malt with Chinook, and wonderful citrusy flavor. ABV 6.5% | IBU 50

Motorworks Brewing, Bradenton, FL

Madman Hard Strawberry


Traditional Hard Cider made from select Champlain Valley apples and then blended with 100% strawberry juice from Plant City. ABV 6.2% | IBU 0

Two Henrys Brewing, Plant City, FL


Sweet White Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon

Dry Red Wine


Light and Sweet White Wine
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