3 Keys Lifetime Mug Club

Our hand-crafted mugs are a work of art. Literally.

Custom made beer mug made especially for you!
By Artist Eileen at eileenVLpottery

Join our lifetime mug club for all kinds of cool stuff including free beer!

We’ve been sharing pics of our sweet new beer mugs made by our friend Eileen at eileenVLpottery for a couple of weeks now and the wait is finally over! Now you can get your own personalized mug as part of the our 3 Keys Mug Club and fill it with yummy beer as often as you’d like! Our mug club is a little different than most of the clubs you’ve probably seen. We’re doing a lifetime mug club, not annual, so there’s no pesky annual renewal fee. Also, we’ll lovingly wash and hang your mug on our “Mug Club Wall of Awesomeness” so it’s ready for beer whenever you are. No more taking your mug home to clean and then having to remember to bring it back. There’s nothing worse than visiting your favorite neighborhood brewery and realizing you forgot your mug as you pull into the parking lot.

The Mug Club is a one-time fee of $75 and includes the following benefits:

  1. Your own personally designed 20oz beer mug made by artist Eileen Van Lieshout.
  2. Your mug holds 20oz of beer for the regular 16oz price. In case you’re not a math wiz, this equates to each fifth beer being, essentially, free! Wow!
  3. You get a free beer and appetizer on your birthday. We’re not going to wrap them but they will still be free.
  4. 10% off all 3 Keys merchandise.
  5. $2 off 32oz Crowlers and $3 off 64oz growler fills.
  6. Personalized Mug Club identification bottle opener key and some other cool goodies.

Fine Print

Yes, there’s fine print.

  • Your mug is exactly that, your mug! Your mug is to be used exclusively by you – not your wife, kids, uncle, friend, etc. If we feel you are abusing your Mug Club membership in this manner, we reserve the right to rescind it. This is for both your and our protection – it’s fair to those who paid for membership and so we don’t get taken advantage of by non-members. When you purchase a mug, you will be asked for a name for our master list; this is the only person who may use the mug.
  • Mugs, without exception, may not be taken out of the brewpub and still be eligible for Mug Club membership. If you take your mug home for any reason, we will assume you are relinquishing your Mug Club membership and will re-sell your number. To get back in the club, you would be required to pay the $75.00 again, and you would be issued a new number. Bottom line, don’t take it home.
  • If you break your mug beyond repair accidentally, you will pay $35.00 to have Eileen make you a new one in the next batch. If you break it beyond repair being a knucklehead (our discretion), you pay the full $75.00 and you forfeit your Mug Club benefits until you replace it.
  • Unfortunately, mugs are somewhat fragile and they do get broken. If your mug is broken by anyone, we will attempt to fix it before replacing it. It may be a little “frankenstein-esque”, and less beautiful than before, but if the mug still holds beer, it stays in battle. If you just can’t live with its new look, you are welcome to purchase a new one from Eileen for $35. If we decide to have your mug replaced (our discretion), we will contact Eileen and have her do so as soon as she is able to.
  • High gravity beers (Double IPAs, Stouts, etc) will receive a 16oz pour instead of 20oz as well as $1 off 32oz Crowlers and $2 off 64oz growler fills.
  • You do not receive the benefits listed above (i.e., free beer, discounted growlers, birthday beer or food, etc.) until your mug actually arrives. We can not dictate how fast Eileen makes the mugs and have no way of tracking these types of discounts. Sorry.
  • We reserve the right to tweak the mug club at any time but probably only to make it awesome-r.
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