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$9 Nachos

Nachos the way we like them: a huge pile of chips covered with chili, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, jalapenos and sour cream. Substitute chicken or pulled pork +$2 or black beans $0 for vegetarian option.

$6 Kentucky Beer Cheese

Daddy’s Kentucky beer cheese recipe but made with our own 3 Keys beer. Served chilled with tortilla chips or veggie sticks.

$7 Spinach Artichoke Dip

Our spinach and artichoke dip has all the creamy-inside, brown-and-crispy-cheese-on-top texture taste that makes you want to lick the bowl. Served with tortilla chips or veggie sticks.

$7 Pint of Bacon

Yes… it’s a pint glass stuffed with 5 pieces of thick cut maple bacon because 6 would be unhealthy. #genius

$6 Fruit Plate

We offer this fruit plate full of seasonal fruit with vanilla yogurt because fruit is awesome and Jeff has high cholesterol.


Served with one choice of sides below.

$9 Pulled Pork Waffle Sandwich

A huge mound of BBQ pulled pork on our beer batter waffles topped with cole slaw. Choice of side.

$10 Build Your Own Burger

We were told we have to have a burger so here it is! Build your own huge ½ lb burger with your choice of cheddar, american or provolone cheese. Lettuce, onion, IPA pickles and tomato on the side. Choice of side. Add thick cut maple bacon +$1

$12 Bacon Blue Cheese Burger

A huge ½ lb burger covered with blue cheese crumbles and topped with thick cut maple bacon. Lettuce, onion, IPA pickles and tomato on the side. Choice of side.

$12 Bluegrass Burger

A huge ½ lb burger smothered with pulled pork and Kentucky beer cheese. Lettuce, onion, IPA pickles and tomato on the side. Choice of side. Add thick cut maple bacon +$1

$10 Bacon Chicken Waffle Sandwich

A healthier alternative to traditional chicken and waffles. Breaded and baked chicken, thick cut maple bacon, maple-bourbon-butter, lettuce, tomato, onion, IPA pickles on beer batter waffles. Choice of side.

$9 Buffalo Chicken Waffle Sandwich

We don’t serve buffalo chicken wings because this is much better! Our shredded chicken tossed in spicy buffalo sauce with lettuce, tomato, onion, IPA pickles and blue cheese crumbles served on warm beer batter waffles. Choice of side.

$9 Pulled Pork Tacos

3 flour tortillas with BBQ pulled pork, topped with cole slaw. Get plenty of napkins before sitting down. Choice of side.

$9 Chicken Tacos

3 flour tortillas with chipotle ranch shredded chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese and sour cream. Choice of side.

$8 Beer Brat Chili Dog

Our beer brat smothered in chili and melted cheddar cheese. Choice of side. Add thick cut maple bacon +$1


4 slices of thick cut maple bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a beer batter waffle. Choice of side. Add extra bacon +$1.

$9 Vegetarian Sandwich

Vegan patty with lettuce, tomato, onion and IPA pickles on a beer batter waffle. Choice of side. Add gluten-friendly waffle +$1.


When you want to drink your calories instead.

$7 3Keys Salad

Our crispy lettuce blend with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and your choice of dressing. Add shredded chicken, buffalo chicken, pulled pork or vegan patty +$2. Add black beans +1.

$9 Taco Salad

A bed of lettuce surrounded by tortilla chips with chili, chicken or black beans, shredded cheese, tomatoes, black olives and sour cream.


Our pizza menu is available on Mondays... for now!

Our 12″ thin crust artisan pizza is hand made with spent grain from brewing beer and then char-grilled and garlic butter basted for a unique flavor. We use a 100% real mozzarella and parmesan cheese blend with our own pizza sauce.

Add $1 each for pepperoni, extra cheese, green pepper, red onion, mushroom, black olive, tomato, pineapple, jalapeno, black beans Add $2 each for thick-cut maple bacon, pulled pork, shredded chicken, buffalo chicken

$15 3 Little Piggies Pizza

Pepperoni, pulled pork and thick-cut maple bacon, drizzled with our house made BBQ sauce.

$14 Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Pizza

Blue cheese sauce with buffalo chicken and blue cheese crumbles, drizzled with spicy buffalo sauce.

$13 Bradentucky Pizza

BBQ pulled pork and Kentucky Beer Cheese, drizzled with our house made BBQ sauce.

$12 BBQ Pizza

BBQ pulled pork or chicken and red onions, drizzled with our house made BBQ sauce.

$12 Southwest Chicken Pizza

Spicy chipotle ranch chicken, cheddar, mozzarella, green peppers, red onions and salsa.

$13 Chicken Parmesan Pizza

Extra mozzarella, breaded chicken and fresh basil.

$10 Veggie Pizza

Green peppers, red onions, mushrooms, black olives, tomatoes and fresh basil.

$10 Margherita Pizza

Fresh tomatoes and basil.

$14 Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Base of our house-made spinach artichoke dip, topped with more mozzarella and artichoke.

$10 Pepperoni Pizza

A cheese pizza with a generous amount of pepperoni.

$9 Cheese Pizza

Add your toppings (or not) to build an awesome pizza!


Our soups come with crackers and a spoon.

$6 Creamy Buffalo Chicken Noodle

Huge pieces of chicken with cauliflower, carrots, broccoli and bowtie pasta in a spicy cream sauce. #housefav

$6 Beef, Bean, and Beer Chili

A bowl of our awesome chili garnished with cheddar cheese, jalapenos and sour cream.


Our kids items include a drink and a side. 12 & under please.

$4 Chicken Tenders

Baked chicken tenders, not fried, cause we love kids.

$4 Hamburger / Cheeseburger

Plain, well done burger ready for toppings.

$4 “Half Pint” Sandwich or Salad

Get a kid-sized portion of any one of our sandwiches or salads and “be big just like Dad”.

$4 Bowtie Pasta

A bowl of “fancy” bowtie pasta served with butter, marinara or alfredo sauce. Add shredded chicken +$1.


$3.5 Bowtie Pasta

A bowl of bowtie pasta with your choice of  butter, marinara or alfredo sauce. Make it a light meal and add shredded chicken +$1.

$3.5 Cup of Soup / Chili

A cup of our creamy buffalo chicken noodle soup or chili.

$2 Cup of Salad

A small side salad with your choice of dressing.

$2 Jar of Veggie Sticks

A jar of assorted veggie sticks suitable for dipping or simply sticking into your face.

$3.5 Fruit

An assortment of seasonal fruit.

$2 Green Beans

Green beans lightly dusted with seasoning and freedom.

$3.5 Black Beans

Seasoned black beans. Feel free to substitute for vegetarian options.

$2 Bag of Chips

Original, no ruffles or ridges.

$3.5 Cole Slaw

A cup of cole slaw…. just like the name implies.


Beer is always the best dessert but just in case...

$6 Bourbon Ball Cheesecake Cupcakes

It’s like three of our favorite desserts had a baby! Two cheesecake cupcakes topped with chocolate and bourbon and then finished with bourbon whipped cream just because. Share one with a friend. Or don’t.

$5 Dessert Waffles

Two of our super-fabulous dessert waffles served with chocolate morsels and powdered sugar with syrup on the side. Don’t feel too bad about not sharing.

Looking for a printable version of our menu? Boom! Found it! Click here to download the PDF. We are also have a pizza menu if you are into that kind of stuff.

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