Fresh Food Made from Scratch

It just tastes better

We think fresh, homemade food tastes better! That’s why we make virtually everything in house, daily from scratch. Almost everything is cooked with beer because beer makes things awesome! We braise our chicken and pork in beer for 4-6 hours and then hand pull it. Our BBQ sauce is made with our Porter? I Hardly Know Her and our waffle batter is made fresh daily with generous amounts of our Braidentown Blonde. Even our pickles are made in-house using our Billy Fred IPA. Our pizza dough is made fresh daily with the spent grains left over from brewing beer. We like beer.

We try and offer healthier choices with lots of fruits and vegetables. We do have plenty of bacon but, sorry, no fried foods. Not a carnivore? No problem. We also have vegetarian and vegan options.

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