Nom Nom Nom

Cranberry Sauce

A Christmas taste of cranberry sauce to go perfectly this season made with 8 pounds of fresh cranberries cooked , then juiced to give this cider just the right amount of holiday cheer in a glass. ABV 5.3%

The Grinch


We took 2 pounds of Green Apple Jolly Ranchers and added them to make a fun and sweet cider with an amazingly fun color to go with it! ABV 5.3%

Blackberry Jam


Like a scrumptious jam for your morning toast at breakfast, this sweet cider is a great start or finish to any day! ABV 6.6%

Dulce and Manzana


A sweet, creamy vanilla caramel cider that tastes great and goes down smooth. Like dessert, only better…because you can drink it! ABV 5.5%



Slightly sweet cider fermented with champagne yeast flavored with orange juice from Mixon farm. Just like brunch! ABV 6.6%

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