Nom Nom Nom

Jolly Smurf

Cider that was fermented completely dry then flavored with the yummy goodness of blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers that were lovingly unwrapped for your drinking pleasure. ABV 4.6%

Purple Drank

Grape Jolly Ranchers flavor this sweet cider with a nostalgic taste from your childhood. A fun new twist on the traditional cider you might be used to. ABV 4.6%

Some Like it Hot

We dissolved boxes and boxes and boxes of Red Hot Candies in this batch of cider for a cinnamon favored reminder of the candies that we all love. ABV 5.3%

Blackberry Jam


Like a scrumptious jam for your morning toast at breakfast, this sweet cider is a great start or finish to any day! ABV 6.6%

Dulce and Manzana


A sweet, creamy vanilla caramel cider that tastes great and goes down smooth. Like dessert, only better…because you can drink it! ABV 5.5%



A moderately sweet cider sweetened with raspberry and almost a pound of basil. ABV 6.6% | IBU 0



Slightly sweet cider fermented with champagne yeast flavored with orange juice from Mixon farm. Just like brunch! ABV 6.6%

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