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Batch #35 Hazelnut Porter


Expect a smooth malt profile that pairs well with a sweet hazelnut flavor. ABV 5.3% | IBU 31

Batch #36 NE DIPA

Double IPA

This DIPA utilizes the majority of hop in the whirlpool to give it a smooth hop flavor and a moderate bitterness. ABV 8.7% | IBU 82

Batch #34 Sour Orange Berliner

Berliner Weisse

Sour Berliner with loads of orange. Tart finish. ABV 3.9% | IBU 0

Tripel X

Belgian Style Tripel

This Belgian style Tripel has smooth flavors of bubble gum and butterscotch with a slight alcohol presence. ABV 8.5% | IBU 26

Don’t Stop Bee-lievin

Honey Orange Wheat

This wheat beer has smooth orange flavors and a copious amount of honey malt gives is a nice sweetness. ABV 5.0% | IBU 16

Well Red IPA

American IPA

This beer pours a brick red color and has a nice balance between the hop character and the malt flavors. ABV 6.2% | IBU 70

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Batch #31 English Mild

English Mild

This is a traditional English style beer with low hop character and bready malt characteristics. ABV 3.9% | IBU 21

Hard Water (Cucumber)

Hard Water

This is not a beer! It is a light alcoholic ‘hard water’ with cucumber and lemon lime to round out the refreshing beverage. ABV 5.0% | IBU 0

M.I.A. Beer Co., Miami, Fl

What Mama Says Gose


Flavors comparable to strawberry margarita. Salty and fruity taste with a sour kick. ABV 5.1% | IBU 8

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Trust Issues Brown

Oatmeal Raisin Brown

This brown ale is brewed with biscuit malt, loads of flaked oats, cinnamon & raisins giving it a slight hoppy finish. ABV 5.9% | IBU 34

Beer Me Up, Scotty!

Wee Heavy

Malty and sweet caramel flavors with slight alcohol taste present. ABV 9.4% | IBU 33

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Pineapple Hula

Hard Cider

Apple-pineapple hard cider. Yum! ABV 5% | IBU 0

Ciderboys, Stevens Point, WI

Original Recipe

American IPA

In the words of the late great Colonel Sanders: “I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.” ABV 6.3% | IBU 63

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Punchface IPA

American IPA

With almost 2 ounces of hops per gallon, this IPA is bursting with hop flavor. Expect passionfruit, mango, and citrus notes. ABV 6.6% | IBU 70

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Tis The Saison

Dry Saison

Brewed with Orange Blossom Honey, it has sweet orange peel flavors, hints of spice, and a complex, dry finish. ABV 6.8% | IBU 32

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Bangers and Hops

English IPA

This English style IPA is brewed with all British ingredients to give it a bready malt profile with a slightly hoppy finish. ABV 6.1% | IBU 45

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Chocaholics Anonymous

Oatmeal Stout

Brewed with 6 lbs of cocoa and Tahitian Vanilla beans, this Oatmeal Stout is sure to sooth your chocolate hankering. ABV 6.2% | IBU 33

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Sara’s (Not) Blonde

Blonde Ale

3 kinds of hops and fermented with an English yeast. Results in a light, malty beer with fruity notes and a hint of esters. ABV 5.2% | IBU 18

Training Wheels

American Pale Ale

This is a Pale Ale for people who don’t like Pale Ales. This beer is light and crisp with a moderate bitterness. ABV 5.1% | IBU 37

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41 Red

Red Ale

Our Red Ale is deep amber in color with a malty flavor. A medium hop finish makes this beer smooth and rich. ABV 5.9% | IBU 30

Porter? I Hardly Know Her


This is a malty porter with a hint of roasty-ness. Brewed with English hops and fermented with a traditional English yeast. ABV 5.8% | IBU 30

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