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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bourbon!

Barrel Aged Barley Wine

After 14 months in a Bourbon Barrel, this beer it pours a dark red with strong notes of bourbon and bourbon. ABV 11.4% | IBU 88

Parnold Almer

Bong Water

The bong water has returned! This time with tea and lemonade. Perfect for some drunk golfing. ABV 8% | IBU 0

Down With OPPB


Are you down with OPPB? Yeah you know me. Every last homie can get down with this one. Dark, rich and covered in peanut butter. ABV 5.1% | IBU 25

Cucumber & Lime

Bong Water

Hard water flavored with lime and cucumbers that is really tasty and refreshing. ABV 8% | IBU 0

South River Dank

Imperial IPA

Bitter, bold and dank. With over 5 pounds of hops per barrel this beer is not for the faint of heart. ABV 9% | IBU 125

Kira’s Cake

Sweet Amber

A full bodied, sweet Amber Ale with notes of vanilla and hazelnut giving it a smooth, dessert like finish. Kira asked and Kira received. ABV 6.5% | IBU 38

Low Rise Cheeky


With a mix of American and New Zealand hops this beer is bitter but with a floral easy finish. Very unfiltered. Crocodile Dundee would approve, mate! ABV 7.3% | IBU 76

Suns Out Buns Out

New England IPA

Pours a hazy light color with tropical fruit flavors from the Azacca, Citra, and Mosaic hops. ABV 6.5% | IBU 50


American Pale Ale

This hoppens to be a light, easy drinking, hoppy Pale Ale. Nick hopped the wrong holder of hops, hopping for the best he hopped up and hopped more. ABV 5.1% | IBU 21

Well Red IPA

American IPA

This beer pours a brick red color with a solid malt flavor and an aggressive bitterness. ABV 7.2% | IBU 70

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Cukebox Hero

American Wheat

A light, refreshing wheat beer flavored with cucumbers and thyme. ABV 5.4% | IBU 19

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Touched By Your Dunkel


This German style dark wheat beer has a great balance of roasted notes and the classic banana and clove flavors. ABV 5.3% | IBU 19

Cured by Breakfast

Breakfast Stout

This stout is brewed with toasted oats, chocolate,maple syrup and steeped with Guatemalan coffee beans. ABV 7.5% | IBU 68

Billy Fred Session IPA

American IPA

Our silver medal winning American IPA! A lighter ABV, citra hopped beer that tastes as great as America is! Named after our WWII hero grandfather! ABV 4.7% | IBU 55

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Pizza Dreams and Time Machines

American Pale Ale

This Pale Ale showcases the Citra hop. Expect loads of grapefruit and pineapple notes. ABV 5.8% | IBU 31

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American IPA

Malt flavors balance perfectly with hop aromas of pine and grapefruit from massive hop additions in the fermenter. ABV 7% | IBU 73

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Braidentown Blonde

Blonde Ale

A lightly hopped, crushable blonde ale with a slight bready flavor and fruity esters. ABV 5.2% | IBU 18

Porter? I Hardly Know Her


A malty porter with a hint of roasty-ness. Brewed with English hops and fermented with a traditional English yeast. ABV 5.8% | IBU 30

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