About 3 Keys

A community brewpub with awesome beer, great food and good times!

We think great beer and food should be fun and not snooty. If you are a beer nerd like us, welcome! If you’ve never had a craft beer before and really enjoy Bud Light… welcome!  We specialize in West Coast ales and traditional German recipes with local ingredients (strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, etc.) for broad appeal. Beer should be for everyone, so we offer flavorful, light, fruity and low alcohol beers alongside of traditional favorites such as IPAs, pale ales, stouts, dubbels, bocks, porters and wheat beers.

Modeled after the brewpubs found in Europe and on the West Coast, we intend to be a community gathering place that appeals as much to craft beer enthusiasts as it does to families with children out for a good meal or a few pints with friends while the kids play.


Watch Our Story on SNN

Suncoast News Network did a nice segment about our story.

The Brewpub


We are a small nano brewery with a 4 bbl brewhouse and 20 bbls of fermentation. Our 20 gallon pilot system allow us to experiment with fun, new recipes.  We release 2-3 new beers a week cause we can.  We only sell our beer in house so we can brew whatever we want, whenever we want.  We don’t have to brew to fill a distributor’s contract.

Fresh, local, awesome beer is our number one priority.  Come enjoy a beer in the brewery while we brew. How knows… perhaps we’ll even ask you to mashout.


We think great food is a natural compliment to awesome beer! Unlike most breweries that feed their hungry beer-drinkers with local food trucks, we wanted to be different. We started 3 Keys to focus on both beer and food that appeals to everyone.

We’re not a sports bar or a restaurant with table service and we don’t serve fried foods, but our eatery has lots of great food you won’t find anywhere else. From soups to salads and burgers to “half-pint” kids items, you’ll find something that everyone enjoys. Plus, we have beer.

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