Month: April 2017

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

You’ve probably heard Jeff talking for the last couple of months about offering pizzas. He bought a pizza oven and was excited to get started. Pizza and beer, what could be a better combination! We’ve been experimenting with pre-made crusts from different vendors and they are just… meh. Luckily, one of our chefs had an awesome recipe from the northeast so we decided to give it a try. Jason makes the dough with spent grain from brewing, and then after the dough proofs, he throws it on the char-grill for a couple of minutes before we pop it into the pizza oven. It make a delicious thin crust pizza.

So we finally kicked off our first night of pizza after testing it out for a couple of weeks with free pizza. We sold 25 pizzas in a little under 3 hours. Not a bad start.

April Beer Talk

Scott and Jeff talk about what beers came out in April and what’s up next!

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