Month: January 2017

Live on Fox 13 with Charley Belcher

Last Friday (1/27) we were live on Fox 13 with Charley Belcher. We did four segments throughout the morning and Fox 13 publish the following video on their site of the final segment.

It was a long morning as we had to be at the brewery at 6am to setup and cook food. Charley was great and just as nice off the air as he is on TV. There really wasn’t much setup to the entire morning, he just said we are going to do four 2-4 minute segments and a couple of teasers. It’s not that he was “winging it” but it was very spur of the moment based upon his questions and our feedback. We were never sure where things would lead.

The result of the morning was amazing. Roughly 50% of the people that came into the brewery over the next couple of days stated they saw us on Fox 13. People drove from Tampa & St. Pete just to visit our little brewery based upon Charley’s story. We were caught a little off guard by the “Charley effect”. We were too busy on Friday evening for our staff and then extremely busy all day Saturday and into the evening. We had a record sales day on Friday and then beat it on Saturday. Sunday was quite busy as well.


The first teaser we did on air was totally ad lib. I told Charley that I’d just purchased a fake beard for Scott the day before and he came up with the idea of him throwing it on while on camera. Scott did an awesome job!

Cathy’s Food Segment

The second segment showcased our food and Cathy did a fantastic job in front of the camera.

Scott’s Brewery Segment

Scott’s more comfortable in the brewery with his headphones on crafting beer than being in the spotlight. However, he killed the brewery segment. We were extremely proud of our son.

January Beer Talk with Scott

Scott and Jeff sit down and talk about our recently released beers. Scott also provides an overview of what beers are coming up for the month of January.

Let’s Talk about the New Menu!

Cathy and Jeff talk about tweaks to the menu and food in general.

How We Brew

I asked Scott to walk me through the brewing process and talk about our brewing facility.

Our First Beer is On Tap!

January 4th 2017 was a historic day for our little brewery. We put our first beer on tap, Sara’s Blond, and someone actually bought a pint! As the day went on… more and more people bought pints and they said they really liked it! Congrats to our brewer and son Scott for successfully brewing his first production beer on our new brewhouse.

Come on down and try a pint.

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