Month: November 2016

We are open!

After 5 short months of renovation, contractors, blood, sweat and a few tears, we are finally open for business! With the exception of a couple of electrical and plumbing contractors, we made essentially everything ourselves… with love. We built a brewpub that we’d want to hang out in and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Over the weekend we had a “soft opening” which means we didn’t tell anyone that we were open. We wanted to ease the bar and kitchen staff into motion slowly and this was the best way to do so. We were afraid if we blasted an announcement all over social media that we might be crushed by the onslaught. Or that no one would come at all (our other fear).  So we took the “coming soon” sign down and simply opened our doors. Magically, people started to trickle in. We actually did really well over the weekend and had quite a turnout on both days. Much better than we had hoped for. The bar and kitchen team did great and we are ready to pour and make delicious food for you this week.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by for food and beer. Everyone was super nice and commented that they were glad we were finally open. A number of people commented that they’d been driving by or “stalking” us on Facebook watching our progress. Really nice comments from everyone in the community and we are as happy to be open as you are that we are open.

So now that we are officially open, please stop down for some yummy food and beer in the brewery or patio. We’ll be there every day waiting for you to come on in. We should have our own beer on tap sometime around the first of the year but we have 20 local and national beers on tap.

Firm handshakes and smiles are always free.

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